Annexing Reality


Advances in display and tracking technologies hold the promise of increasingly immersive augmented-reality experiences. Unfortunately, the on-demand generation of haptic experiences is lagging behind these advances in other feedback channels. We present Annexing Reality; a system that opportunistically annexes physical objects from a user’s current physical environment to provide the best-available haptic sensation for virtual objects. It allows content creators to a priori specify haptic experiences that adapt to the user’s current setting. The system continuously scans user’s surrounding, selects physical objects that are similar to given virtual objects, and overlays the virtual models on to selected physical ones reducing the visual-haptic mismatch. We describe the developer’s experience with the Annexing Reality system and the techniques utilized in realizing it. We also present results of a developer study that validates the usability and utility of our method of defining haptic experiences.

Anuruddha Hettiarachchi, and Daniel Wigdor

University of Toronto